6 June 2024

The Internal Trade Department (ITD) has asked the Thai Rice Packers and Thai Millers associations to postpone their plan to increase the price of packed rice, to ease the burden on consumers.

ITD director-general Wattanasak Sur-iam met with representatives of the two associations yesterday (Thursday) for discussions on the Thai Rice Packers Association’s plan to increase prices in September by 3 baht per kilogram, citing the increase in rice prices from millers.

He said the two associations promised to cooperate with the department and freeze the price of packed rice for the time being adding, however, that they will wait and see whether the cost of milled rice increases further.

He said that the Thai Millers Association has promised to supply rice to the Thai Rice Packers Association on a regular basis, to ensure that there is adequate supply in the market.

Wattana said, however, that, if it becomes inevitable that packed rice prices have to increase, the department will cooperate with the two associations to produce its own “Blue Flag” brand of packed rice, to be sold to the public at lower prices.

Currently, the price of 5kg of Hom Mali packed rice averages 210 baht, while the price of 100 percent packed white rice is 117.94 baht per pack.