6 June 2024

Crime Suppression Division officers have questioned the husband of a woman believed to be the 13th victim of cyanide poisoning, allegedly by “Sararat”, the sole suspect in a series of fatal cyanide poisonings.

Emerging after about seven hours of questioning today (Thursday), the man, an immigration police officer in Bangkok, told the media that his wife died on November 25th, 2020, about a month after giving birth to their second child.

He said his wife was healthy and normal, but, on November 25th, 2020, he received a call from his elder son to tell him that his mother had collapsed and died. He quickly returned home to Mukdahan to see his wife and found her with blood oozing from the mouth and her fingernails bruised, but an autopsy didn’t detect any poison in her body.

The officer said that his wife knew Sararat, aka “Am”, in 2016 and 2017, when both of them were involved in a money lending scheme, known locally as “share”, but the scheme eventually collapsed, adding that the two women were in regular contact and co-invested in online oil trading, but his wife was cheated out of 40,000 baht of the investment money.

He also said that his wife told him that Sararat frequently asked to borrow money from her, but he did not suspect any foul play.

The officer handed over his late wife’s smart phone to CSD police today, who then discovered that his wife had lent several hundred thousand baht to Sararat.

A woman, questioned by CSD police today, also told the media that she knew Sararat and the deceased victim when they were members of the “share” scheme, adding Sararat still owes her 20,000 baht.