6 June 2024

Thailand’s prime minister has become the unlikely star of a new music video, posted on the government’s Thai Khu Fah Facebook page, in an effort to promote tourism.

The video itself features beautiful scenes of Krabi’s Nopparat Beach and includes the prime minister and his entourage’s visit, prior to the cabinet meeting on November 16th.

Solo photos and videos of the prime minister were used, along with the song “Sand and Sea”, sung by famous Thai diva Nantida Kaewbuasai back in 1998 and who is currently President of Samut Prakan Provincial Administrative Organisation.

It was revealed that the government spokesman’s team edited the music video overnight, so that the prime minister could see it prior to yesterday’s cabinet meeting. The prime minister was reportedly very happy with and said that the video is meant to promote tourism and not himself.

The prime minister also told reporters, before leaving Krabi for Bangkok, that he is delighted to have been able to meet the locals, as this is the second time he has visited the beach, after visiting Phuket to observe the “sandbox” reopening.

The music video has, however, attracted mixed reaction. Some supporters commented “Beautiful video”, “We love you Loong Tuu”, and “He looks like a handsome model”.

On the other hand, some of the prime minister’s opponents commented “Looks like a karaoke video from 20 years ago” and “He’s standing foolishly next to the beach”.