6 June 2024

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said today that he has received a police report informing him that a man had posted a death threat online, because he is claimed he is disappointed by the failure of the Pheu Thai party to keep its manifesto promises.

Police from the Cybercrime Suppression Division have arrested the suspect, who posted the threat on the X platform. The as yet unidentified man claimed, however, that he made the threat out of a sudden impulse and disappointment.

Responding to the threat, the prime minister said that he will leave the matter to be handled in accordance with the law, adding that the government must remain receptive to divergent views, including dissenting opinions.

He also said, however, that he would prefer people who disagree with the government to make constructive comments, rather than resorting to threats, adding that he trusts his security detail.