6 June 2024

Thailand’s energy minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow has defended the government’s decision to cap the retail price of diesel fuel at 30 baht/litre, saying that this price has been maintained for more than a decade by several governments, including the Prayut administration.

Speaking ahead of a planned rally tomorrow (Tuesday), by about 500 truck drivers affiliated with the Land Transport Federation of Thailand in front of the energy ministry to demand the diesel price to be capped at 25 baht/litre, Supattanapong said that the demand is nothing new and that the energy ministry has already clarified its position numerous times, especially on the use of the Oil Fund to help relieve the impact of diesel prices on consumers.

He maintained that the actual diesel price today should bemore than 30 baht/litre, but the Prayut administration and its predecessors have been trying to maintain it at 30 baht.

The energy minister will not be at the ministry to meet with representatives of the protesting truck drivers, because he will attending the mobile cabinet meeting in the southern province of Krabi, but he said he has assigned officials to receive their petition.


Thailand’s diesel prices at gas stations are currently above 30 baht/litre. The record-high prices are in line with the global surge in fuel prices stemming from surging demands as several countries are emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns.