Thai Civilized party leader proposes legal brothels and adult shops to reduce rape

Mongkolkit Suksintharanont

Thai Civilized party leader, and member of the House committee studying ways to reduce rape and other sexual violations, Mongkolkit Suksintharanont, has proposed That Thailand should permit regulated and licenced brothels and sex toy shops as a way to address the problem.

The controversial government MP said in his Facebook post on Wednesday that he would raise his proposal with committee members at their first meeting, scheduled to take place yesterday.

Explaining the logic behind his idea, Mongkolkit said that it must be understood that humans, by nature, are born to reproduce. Any laws and cultural norms about sexual activity came later, making humans different from other animals.

He claimed that most rape cases are perpetrated by men to release their sexual tension, noting that the offences are committed in families, in work places among colleagues and in schools among classmates.

Rapes reported to the police are just a fraction of those actually committed, said Mongkolkit.

He claimed that his idea of state-sanctioned brothels and sex shops followed the Swiss model, adding that it would help reduce rape and corruption among officials for their oversight of the lucrative illegal sex trade.



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