6 June 2024
Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, Miss Universe Thailand 2021

Having won this year’s national crown last night (Sunday), Thai-Australian model Anchilee Scott-Kemmis will compete in the global Miss Universe 2021 pageant, to be held in Eilat, Israel this December. Her win is being considered a changing point, as Anchilee aims to challenge existing Thai beauty standards and will represent women of other body shapes throughout the competition.

The 1st runner up is Thai-African beauty queen Tharina Botes, while the 2nd runner up is Nanthiya Suwansawaeng.

During the Top 5 round, Anchilee was asked how the country should be preparing for Thailand’s full reopening on November 1st and she replied “I think we all need to get vaccinated and we should have the right to choose what vaccine is best for us and our bodies, because that is liberty and it is a right. I think having the comfort of choosing what vaccine is right for you will give people more confidence and open their hearts more to opening the country, especially if there’s any hesitation.”

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, Miss Universe Thailand 2021

1st runner up, Tharina was asked how she would teach her children about sexual harassment, answering “I would teach my children to always speak up. If anything ever happens to you, never feel afraid and do not feel that you cannot talk to anyone. You need to speak up about this because, if you don’t, they will carry on. As children, you need to be strong and know that we’re all here for you and we’ll take care of you.”

2nd runner up, Nanthiya was asked what the positive things she has learnt from COVID-19 are. She answered in Thai, in the Isaan dialect, saying that she has learnt many things, especially that Thai people are willing to help each other, also mentioning that the Miss Universe pageant has contributed to the “Food for Fighters” project, to help those in need during the pandemic.