11 July 2024

Temperatures in the northern and north-eastern regions of Thailand are forecast to drop 2-4°C from tomorrow until November 1st due to a cold front moving in from China.

The Meteorological Department said this morning (Monday) that an intense high-pressure cell from China is moving south to cover the northern parts of Thailand, bringing thunderstorms and strong winds initially, followed by more strong winds and falling temperatures.

During the same period, the mercury in the central and eastern regions, as well as Bangkok and its suburbs, is anticipated to drop by 1-3°C.

For the southern region, more rain with isolated heavy showers is forecast due to the strengthening of the north-eastern monsoon over the Gulf of Thailand.  

Fishermen and sailors should expect rough seas in the Gulf, with two-metre high waves, and are advised to avoid sailing through stormy areas.

The Meteorological Department also said that a low-pressure cell is forming over the sea to the west of the Philippines and the wind velocity is steadily rising to become a depression as it heads toward the South China Sea.

The low-pressure cell is not currently expected to impact Thailand.