Japanese fare with lively hues by Golden State Vegan restaurant. Photo by Golden State Vegan

Ten best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bangkok

For decades, vegetarian dining in Bangkok was synonymous with rice and curry dishes crafted from tofu, soy protein, and additives. However, a rapid transformation occurred almost overnight. Chefs embraced creativity,…

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Soya based burger. (Photo by Tscherning)

Lucrative opportunities for Thailand in the alternative protein market

Not so long ago, the idea of a fast-food chain famous for its “finger-licking good” fried chicken adding plant-based meat to its menu would have raised more than a few…

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The Lupin, a legume from down-under, jumps on the superfood bandwagon

Thailand meet Lupin: Lupin meet Thailand!  No, we are not talking Reus Lupin, the Defence Against Dark Arts professor in Harry Potter, but a legume in the same family as…

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