Poll shows most oppose liberalisation of alcohol, e-cigarettes, cannabis and gambling

A network of 12 children’s and family’s rights groups, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis research institutes have disclosed results of their opinion poll, which shows that the majority of respondents disagree…

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World No Tobacco Day, May 31 this year, highlights the detrimental impacts of tobacco on the environment. (photo by Freepik.com)

Tobacco is bad for the planet and the health

Smoking and second-hand smoking not only cause cancer and other respiratory diseases but tobacco use also has a negative impact on the environment, both of which place a significant burden…

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฿211 million approved for study of Thailand’s first plant-based COVID vaccine

The cabinet approved a 211 million baht budget today (Tuesday) for a study of the safety and efficacy of a plant-based candidate sub-unit vaccine in boosting the body’s immune response…

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Thai cabinet approves new excise tax structure for cigarettes

The cabinet has approved a new excise tax structure for cigarettes, which may increase the price of a pack of 20 by 6-8 baht, and the Excise Department will release…

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Tobacco kills eight million people each year: WHO

Tobacco kills eight million people each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, ahead of World No Tobacco Day on Friday. WHO said on Wednesday that 40% percent of…

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