Pita advised to take rejection of his re-nomination to Constitutional Court

Thailand’s former constitution writer Borwornsak Uwanno suggests that Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat seek a ruling from the Constitutional Court over parliament’s decision, by a majority vote on Wednesday,…

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Foreign media report on Pita’s woes

Numerous foreign media outlets have been reporting on the double hit suffered by Move Forward’s PM candidate Pita Limjaroenrat on Wednesday, which dashed his hopes of becoming Thailand’s next PM….

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Constitutional Court dissolves Thairaktham Party

The Thai Constitutional Court voted 7-2 today (Wednesday) to dissolve the Thairaktham Party, as recommended by the Election Commission, after finding that the party had breached the Political Parties Act…

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“Swing parties” might, just might, be swung by voters

In an ideal world where political horse-trading is far less influential, voters can effectively assert what they want on the March 24 election. In other words, the 250-strong Senate can…

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