11 July 2024

The Thai Constitutional Court voted 7-2 today (Wednesday) to dissolve the Thairaktham Party, as recommended by the Election Commission, after finding that the party had breached the Political Parties Act by giving valuables or other benefits to persuade people to join their ranks.

The dissolution of Thairaktham, a micro party with only one seat in the House of Representatives, is in line with Sections 92 (paragraph 1) and 30 of the 2017 Political Parties Act.

The court’s ruling means that party leader, Pherawit Ruangludollapak, is stripped of his status as a party-list MP with immediate effect and is barred from contesting an election for ten years.

All the other members of the party’s executive board are also be banned from contesting an election or participating in the setting up of a new party for ten years.