Industry Ministry seeks help to curb sugarcane burning

Thailand’s Ministry of Industry is seeking cooperation from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to tackle the problem of sugarcane burning, as many sugarcane…

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Bangkok’s Samsen Road the most polluted today

Samsen Road, in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, was identified as the most polluted of the 56 areas experiencing dust above the safe level, with airborne PM2.5 measured at…

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Widespread sugarcane burning continues uninterrupted by local authorities

Burning of sugarcane by farmers in several provinces is increasing airborne pollution, affecting local residents, and officials appear to be powerless or reluctant to intervene to stop the practice.  …

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Smog from sugarcane burning is fading – just for now

Smog from sugarcane burning may have faded, after sugarcane harvest season this year is about over. However, it does not mean the black smoke will disappear from the sky forever….

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Industry Ministry plans end to sugarcane burning in three years

The Ministry of Industry will propose to the Cabinet a plan to end within three years sugarcane farmers’ widespread practice of cane burning before harvesting which is largely blamed for…

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