Thai Senate passes student loan bill

The Thai Senate passed the third reading of a bill yesterday (Tuesday) which seeks to lower the interest rate charged on loans extended to needy students to only 1% and…

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The voice of a former Student Loan Fund debtor

A former Student Loan Fund debtor told us about the difficulties she had with the repayment process. She also suggested ways to encourage those loan recipients to pay off their…

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Senate endorses Student Loan Fund Bill with reductions in interest rate and fines

The Senate voted 179:4 today (Tuesday) in support of the Student Loan Fund for Education Bill, earlier approved by the House, which seeks to exempt interest on loans and fines…

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To write off or not to write off: Two sides of student loan repayment battle

The Student Loan Fund (SLF) is dismissing calls for it to write off 337 billion baht of loans taken by students to fund their education. Over the past few weeks,…

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Major refinancing program proposed to help Student Loan Fund borrowers

About six million former and current students who borrowed from the Student Loan Fund will pay less interest and lower fines for default and will be allowed to extend the…

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Indebted students advised to apply for refinancing instead of defaulting on repayments

In response to widespread defaults on student loans, the Rights and Liberties Protection Department (RLPD) of the Thai Ministry of Justice and the Student Loan Fund will hold a session in December to…

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Help underway for a teacher who guaranteed loans for 60 students

The Legal Execution Department and the Student Loan Fund have stepped in to help a school teacher whose assets are at risk of being confiscated after ุ60 of her students…

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