PM not worried about small coalition parties voting against government in censure debate

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has shrugged off a reported threat, by five smaller parties in the coalition government, not to vote in support of the Government if it fails to…

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Nine smaller parties vow to stick with the government

Nine smaller parties in the government coalition, which earlier threatened to break away to form an independent opposition bloc, have changed tack and vowed to continue their support for the…

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The EC will consider three formulae in party-list seat calculation

The Election Commission’s Office will this week submit to the Election Commission (EC) 2 or 3 formulae options for the calculation of the 150 party-list seats to be allocated to…

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EC proceed with its own party-list seat calculation formula  

The Election Commission (EC) will proceed and use the formula that it believes is legally correct for calculating party-list seats to be allocated to parties contesting the March 24thelection and will announce the official results, of at least 95% of the elections for both…

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