House unanimously votes for referendum before drafting new charter for Thailand

The Thai House of Representatives voted unanimously today (Thursday) to propose that the cabinet holds a referendum, to gauge the opinions of the Thai people about the drafting of a…

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Thai voters drop their ballots at a local polling station during the constitutional referendum in Bangkok on August 7, 2016. (Photo by MUNIR UZ ZAMAN / AFP)

Will new referendum law help unlock Thailand’s political impasse – or just deepen divisions?

Hopes for a new and more democratic Thai Constitution rose this week when the referendum bill sailed through Parliament. The government-sponsored bill paves the way for a public vote on…

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Referendum probably best way to do it

The referendum that endorsed the present Constitution in 2016 may be controversial, but the one that would re-affirm or question its worthiness will be far less so. The former referendum…

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Charter Court drafting ruling about writing of new charter and required referendum

Constitutional Court judges are huddled in an urgent meeting today to discuss the drafting of a common judgment, announced by the court on March 11th, which, in essence, rules that…

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