Chulabhorn hospital seeking pregnant volunteers for research into COVID-19 post-inoculation effects on mothers and babies

Thailand’s Chulabhorn hospital has launched a research project to study the immunity and safety of post COVID-19 vaccination in pregnant women and is seeking for 400 volunteers. To qualify to…

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Thailand begins mass vaccination of pregnant women

The Ministry of Public Health will vaccinate as many as 100,000 pregnant women against COVID-19 between today (Monday September 13th) and October 13th, said Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha…

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2,542 pregnant women infected with COVID-19, 68 die in Thailand since April 1

A total of 2,542 pregnant women and 134 new-born babies were found infected with COVID-19 between April 1st this year and August 28th and, among these, 68 women and 24…

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COVID related deaths among pregnant women 2.5 times higher than others

The fatality rate among COVID-19 infected pregnant women in Thailand accounts for 1.85% of all the cases found in pregnant women and is 2.5 times higher than the death rate…

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Thailand’s Chai Nat province now free of COVID-19 as last eight patients recover

Thailand’s central province of Chai Nat has been cleared of COVID-19 infections after the last eight patients tested negative for the virus, with five of them being discharged from their…

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Police smash cross-border surrogacy racket

Police have arrested a Chinese man and woman, and found at least seven Thai surrogate mothers, in coordinated raids of illegal assisted-reproduction clinics in Bangkok and vicinity. The pair are…

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