Thailand’s diesel price to rise by another baht per litre from Tuesday

The Fuel Fund Executive Board decided to increase the price of diesel fuel by another baht today (Monday), to 33.94 baht per litre, effective tomorrow, following a spike in global…

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Easing of public burden from oil price rise to cost taxpayers ฿45bn

The Thai government is expected to spend about 45 billion baht to fund a set of measures to ease the burden on the public of rising oil and gas prices…

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Thailand to produce only B7 diesel fuel until next March to reduce diesel prices

Thailand’s Energy Policy and Planning office (EPPO) decided today (Wednesday) to instruct oil refineries to produce just one type of diesel fuel (B7), from December until next March, to lower the price…

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Thai cabinet approves ฿20bn loan to reduce diesel prices

Thailand’s cabinet today (Tuesday) approved a 20 billion baht loan, from the State Oil Fund, to maintain diesel prices at no more than 30 baht per litre for 4 months….

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2.4 billion baht from Oil Fund to stabilize domestic prices for three months

Thailand’s Energy Policy Committee decided today to set aside about 2.4 billion baht, from the Oil Fund, to stabilize domestic oil prices ahead of an anticipated global oil price hike…

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Diesel price to go up if global crude oil price rises to US$90-100/barrel

Energy Minister Siri Chirapongphan has hinted that retail price of diesel may be increased above 30 baht/litre if global crude price rises to between 90-100 US dollars/barrel and the 6,000…

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More subsidy injected to freeze retail price of diesel at 30 baht/litre until year end

The Energy Policy Committee has agreed to inject another 70 satang/litre to one baht/litre subsidy from the Oil Fund to freeze the retail price of diesel at 30baht/litre. Energy Minister…

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