Fourteen suspects arrested for alleged COVID-19 compensation fraud

Fourteen suspects, including a number of insurance brokers, have been arrested by Economic Crime Suppression Division officers, for allegedly using fake COVID-19 claim forms to defraud insurance firms. Commissioner of…

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Motorists covered by Southeast Insurance assured they will not be rejected by garages for accident repairs

Motorists who have their cars insured by Thailand’s Southeast Insurance will have their cars repaired and the garages will be compensated by the company, according to the Insurance Commission’s Secretary-general…

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Mild, asymptomatic COVID-19 cases not entitled to claim under new insurance rules

The Thai Life Assurance Association has issued new rules, which take effect on February 15th, limiting compensation claims by people infected with COVID-19. Patients who are asymptomatic or who have…

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Former staff of fallen COVID insurer rally to demand overdue payments

A group of former employees of the now-defunct “The One Insurance” company rallied in front of Thailand’s Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC) since this morning (Thursday) to demand their…

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Regulator says insurer suffering massive loss over COVID claims cannot close down yet

Thailand’s Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) said that the financially-troubled Southeast Insurance Company cannot just shut down, as it has to receive a permission from the OIC first, amid concern…

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Thai insurance regulator urged to rescind order forbidding cancellation of COVID insurance policies

The Thai General Insurance Association is urging the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) to rescind its order forbidding insurance companies from cancelling the so-called “Found, Paid, Done” policies covering COVID-19…

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