This photo by Taiwan agency CNA Photo taken and released on September 15, 2018 shows shows seawater being sucked into the air in Taitung county, eastern Taiwan, as Super Typhoon Mangkhut approached waters near southern Taiwan.

40 provinces face heavy rain from Typhoon Mangkhut

Forty provinces have been warned to brace for heavy rain and possibly very heavy rain today and the next few days as an indirect effect from super Typhoon Mangkhut which…

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Barijat and Mangkhut storms to cause possible floods in 43 provinces

The Department of the Prevention and Mitigation of Public Disasters on Thursday issued a warning to 43 provinces in the North, Northeast, central and eastern regions to brace for possible…

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This NOAA/RAMMB satellite image taken on September 13 shows Typhoon Mangkhut off the Philippines east coast in the Philippine Sea.

Philippines starts evacuations along coast as super typhoon “Mangkhut” nears

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine authorities started to evacuate thousands of people from coastal areas on Thursday as a super typhoon with winds of more than 205 km per hour bore…

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Barijat and Mangkhut tropical storms to bring heavy rains

Heavy rains are predicted in Thailand’s northern, upper northeastern and western regions, including Bangkok during September 13-18 as a result of two storms, Barijat and Mangkhut, according to the Meteorological…

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Heavy rain and river overflows warning to Mekong bordering provinces during Sept 13-14

Northern and northeastern provinces along the Mekong River have been warned by the Meteorological Department to brace for heavy rain and river overflows during September 13-14 as an indirect effect…

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