Zero-based budgeting can’t tide over challenge of increasing revenue 

The Move Forward Party, the leader of the coalition tipped to form the next government after the May 14 election, has proposed using zero-based budgeting (ZBB) to replace the current…

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The high cost of the promises made by major parties to woo the electorate

Amid the strong likelihood of the next government being formed by a coalition led by the Move Forward Party, the biggest gainer in the May 14 general election with 152…

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Shadow of uncertainty over budget for fiscal year 2024 as election looms

The Cabinet recently approved a framework for government spending in fiscal year 2024 with planned expenditure of 3.35 trillion baht, up 5.18 percent from the current fiscal year. The spending is equal…

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Amid sluggish economy, budget poses huge challenge to government

Unfavorable economic conditions are likely to pose tough challenges for current and future governments in managing the annual budget. The Prayut Chan-o-cha government plans to spend Bt3.185 trillion in fiscal…

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Thai cabinet approves 3.18 trillion baht budget for 2023 fiscal year

The cabinet has approved a draft 3.18 trillion baht national budget for the 2023 fiscal year, an increase of 2.74%, or 85 billion baht, over the current year. Government Deputy…

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Are charity runs side-stepping real crisis in Thai education?

Dana (giving) is recognized as a virtue in Thai culture, meaning almost all citizens are familiar with the idea of charity and donations. But this month a debate on what…

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