This picture taken on April 27, 2023 shows South Korean drag queen Hurricane Kimchi performing during a drag queen show at an underground music club in the Hongdae nightlife district of Seoul. Hurricane Kimchi, also known as activist and artist Heezy Yang, said some resistance is inevitable while South Korea slowly gets used to the idea that LGBTQ people are part of society. “We are everywhere, so there should be LGBTQ events everywhere and we should be visible everywhere,” Yang told AFP. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP)

‘Get used to us’: South Korean drag queens fight for LGBTQ rights

Drag queen Hurricane Kimchi has torn through Seoul’s nightlife scene like their meteorological namesake for a decade, part of a burgeoning LGBTQ community fighting for their rights in socially conservative…

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Drag queen group adds colour to anti-government protests

Members of Thailand’s LBGT community added a lighter side to the anti-government protests at Ratchaprasong intersection today. A group, named “Drag Queen”, drew considerable attention for their distinctive make-up and costumes,…

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