Thai government to keep diesel no higher than ฿30 per litre for as long as possible

The Thai government has promised to do its best to keep the price of diesel at no more than 30 baht/litre for as long as possible, said a tired-looking Prime…

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Government considers energy conservation campaign as global oil prices rise

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed relevant agencies to launch energy conservation campaigns as part of the national agenda, with the public sector taking the lead, to reduce the consumption…

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Truckers rally to demand lower diesel prices or ouster of Thailand’s energy minister

Hundreds of truck drivers, associated with the Land Transport Federation of Thailand (LTFT), flexed their muscles in a show of “truck power” today (Tuesday), in an attempt to put pressure…

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Thai cabinet approves ฿20bn loan to reduce diesel prices

Thailand’s cabinet today (Tuesday) approved a 20 billion baht loan, from the State Oil Fund, to maintain diesel prices at no more than 30 baht per litre for 4 months….

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