Corrections Department ensures no concealing actual number of COVID-19 infections, as cases surpasses 10,000

The Corrections Department said it has not, and will not conceal the actual number of COVID-19 infections among prison inmates. The doubts among the public began when the number of…

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Thai Corrections Dept. confident it can control Covid-19 spread as 2,835 prisoners infected

Thailand’s Corrections Department has reported a total of 2,835 COVID-19 infections among inmates in prisons across the country, but it is confident that the situation is under control. The department…

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Corrections Department claims officers wanted to separate Ratsadon detainees for COVID-19 screening

Thailand’s Corrections Department has issued a clarification, in response to a claim by Anon Nampa, one of the seven core Ratsadon leaders detained at Bangkok remand prison, that prison officers…

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