Thailand’s champion Sombat Banchamek, or Buakaw, gives Muay Thai lessons to U.S. Marines as part of the “Cobra Gold 2023” (CG23) joint military exercise at the Lopburi Province, Thailand, March 5, 2023. REUTERS/Napat Wesshasarta

US soldiers receive Muay Thai lessons from Thai champion

American soldiers received Muay Thai lessons from a champion fighter in Thailand during the annual multilateral “Cobra Gold” military drills hosted by the Asian nation. Soldiers took instruction and punched and kicked alongside Thai champion Sombat Banchamek, or Buakaw (White Lotus) as he is…

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US serviceman found dead in a Thai army barracks in Lop Buri province

Thai police are investigating the death of a US serviceman, who was found lifeless in a bathroom of the 31st Infantry Regiment of the Royal Guards barracks in Lop Buri…

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A Thai Marine demonstrated how to handle a cobra to the US Marines during a jungle survival training as part of the Cobra Gold military exercise in Ban Chantaklem, Chantaburi in February 2020. (Photo by Royal Thai navy)

Cobra Gold 2022: Scaled-down and no cobra sacrifices

Hosted by Thailand for the past four decades, the Indo-Pacific multination war games known as Cobra Gold make headlines every year – not just for military affairs but also for…

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‘Scaled-down’ Cobra Gold exercises to be held from February 22 to March 4

This year, the Cobra Gold military exercise will be held between February 22nd and March 4th and will be somewhat scaled down again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a…

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Dr. Walairat Chaifoo, director of the Epidemiology Division of the Diseases Control Department.

South Korean soldier found with COVID-19 after return from Thailand

A South Korean military officer, who participated in the planning of the Cobra Gold military exercise in Thailand’s eastern province of Rayong, was found to be infected with COVID-19 upon…

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