6 June 2024

Police in Thailand’s Chainat province have taken into custody the man who is believed to have committed drive-by shootings in neighbouring Suphan Buri province, killing one person and injuring two others.

Mueang district police, who made the arrest last night (Monday), identified the suspect as “Suphachai”, 39, a native of Chainat. He was escorted to Derm Bang Nang Buat district police station in Suphan Buri for detention, pending further questioning.

A relative of the suspect told the media that he was shocked when learned of the arrest, adding that he had just had dinner with him at his house. He also said that the suspect used to be a friendly person but, in the past few days, his behaviour had changed and he could not be contacted.

The drive-by shootings occurred on Sunday night on the Road No 340, between Suphan Buri and Chinat in Derm Bang Nang Buat district. The gunman fired several shots into a trailer truck from a moving pickup truck, injuring the driver and killing his wife. A 14-year-old boy was also found to have been shot from a pickup, as he was riding a tricycle with his father on the same road. The third shooting involved a car, which sustained a bullet hole in the bonnet, but there was no injury.