6 June 2024

Police have arrested a suspect and seized the handgun thought to have been used in the killing of a 14-year-old girl who was sitting outside a mosque in Pattani province this morning.

Following the shooting in Village 6 of Puyut sub-district this morning, police checked the local CCTV system and found the suspected car.

The police traced the car to a house in Prachan sub-district of Yarang district and laid siege to the house, while trying to talk the suspect, who was hiding inside, to surrender.

After about an hour, the suspect emerged and was taken into custody.

A relative of the suspect told the police that the individual is a psychiatric patient and has been on medication.

Police allege that, before the gun attack, the same car passed the mosque once and returned, this time two shots were fired from the car and one hit the girl, who was sitting in front of the mosque with her mother.

The victim was rushed to hospital, but she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

14-year-old girl killed in front of a mosque in Pattani