11 July 2024

Many areas in Chiang Mai’s Muang district, including the commercial zone and the well-known Chang Khlan shopping street, remain flooded this morning (Tuesday), while the provincial irrigation office is advising residents to monitor the water situation closely.

The level of the Ping River, the main natural waterway through the province, was measured at 4.51 metres this morning, which is above the critical level by 0.81 metres.

The level is, however, lower than the 4.65 metres measured at the same spot at 3pm yesterday.

Although no rain has been reported this morning, residents remain vigilant and are using sand bags to prevent water from seeping into their shops and houses.

A number of roads are impassable to small vehicles, such as the Loi Kroh Road, which is under about 30cm of water.

In neighbouring Lamphun province, the swollen Ping River flowing down from Chiang Mai caused widespread flooding in Pa Sang, Muang, Li and Mae Tha districts yesterday.

Residents in Muang district said that overflows from the river poured into their houses yesterday morning and kept rising. Even some of their property, which was already moved to higher ground, got wet.