Supreme Patriarch urges all Thais to observe the“Noble Eightfold” paths

His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand has urged all people to observe Samma Sankappa, or the “Noble Eightfold”paths in Buddhist teachings, as a way of life for peace and cessation of suffering.

On Asalha Day today, celebrating the Buddha’s first sermon,he said that the world is now facing wars, disasters and all sorts of violent crimes, causing hardship and suffering to a lot of people.

He said that, if most of us pause to reflect on the violence oftoday, we will realise that the root causes of these tragedies are related to the failure to observe Samma Sankappa, which comprise the Right View, the Right Intention, the Right Speech, the Right Action, the Right Livelihood, the Right Effort, the Right Mindfulness and the Right Concentration.

He explained that the Right View means to reduce one’s excessive desire, not to take revenge or not to bully other people, adding that the Right View will promote peace and wisdom in addressing problems at all levels of society.

The Supreme Patriarch also reminded of the Three Jewels of Buddhism, which comprise the Buddha, Buddhist teachings,or dharma, and sangha, or the monastic order.

For Thai society to be in peace and happiness, he said that every one of us should start practicing dharma and observe the Noble Eightfold paths.

On Asalha Puja Day, faithful Buddhists normally present alms to monks in the morning and conduct merit-making ritual during the day.  In the evening, they go to temples to attend candle-lighting ceremony.



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