Students in Loei province told compliance with hairstyle regulation not a penalty

Students at a junior high school in Thailand’s north-eastern province of Loei, where a teacher was attacked by a student fearing that he might have his hair forcibly cut, were told by the school’s management today (Thursday) that a haircut is not a punishment, but to ensure that their hairstyle is in line with the regulation.

The students were also told that the teacher is still recuperating, but he will not be pressing charges against his attacker, a grade 9 student, who allegedly punched him as he believed that he was next to have his hair cut.

A school administrator said that, after the incident, the student was told to take a break, so that his parents could take care of him. He said both the student and his parents will be invited to the school next week for a discussion.

The provincial primary education committee, schools and parent representatives will meet next Saturday to discuss the incident and to consider whether the hairstyle regulation should reviewed, subject to the consent of the committee.


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