6 June 2024

Unofficial general election results from some polling stations will be announced as early as 6.30pm, only ninety minutes after voting ends. The media and the public will be able to get updates on the vote count via the “ECT Report” system.

After polls close at 5pm, the committee based at every polling station across Thailand will start counting the ballots for both constituency and party-list MPs and will announce the results so they can be reviewed by members the public, election observers and party representatives to ensure accuracy.

Then, the committee will capture images of the poll results and send them online to the vote collection centres.

The vote collection centres will add up the poll results from polling stations and record the results in the database of the “ECT Report” system, which will then be sent to the Government Big Data Institute to be arranged into a dashboard for publication.

The Election Commission had previously said that unofficial poll results were expected at 10pm on Sunday at the earliest.