6 June 2024

Six more suspects, including celebrity couple Pattanapon Kunjara Na Ayudhaya and Suteewan Taweesin, were indicted by public prosecutors today (Tuesday) on fraud charges and violations of computer crime law for their alleged involvement in the Forex-3D Ponzi investment scheme.

Deputy spokesman for the Office of Attorney-General, Kosonlavat Intujunyong, said that, after the six suspects are informed of the decision of a special panel of public prosecutors, they will be escorted to the court to be arraigned.

The four other suspects indicted by the prosecutors today are Chatchai Kochatin, Teepatsakorn Kimwangtako, Suranat Narkmusik and Aryuwat Chaimethanarakul.

Kosonlavat said that it will depend on the court whether any of the suspects will be granted bail adding, however, that the court denied bail for the first two groups of suspects.

The Forex-3D investment scheme was created by a brokerage company, RMS Familia, established in 2015 and run by Apiruk Kothi. Seven other companies were also set up, with Apiruk holding stakes in all of them, allegedly to launder money received from investors.

Apiruk and several other suspects are currently being held on remand.

Numerous celebrities were recruited to promote the investment. RMS Familia offered investors returns of about 10% per month on a required minimum investment of 5,000 baht. Tens of thousands of people were lured into the scheme.