6 June 2024

The Communicable Disease Committee of Bangkok and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have identified 17 business and leisure activities which can resume tomorrow, in the third phase lockdown easing.

They are:

  • Food shops – Customers can sit at the same table, but tables must be at least one metre apart. No glass or plastic partition is required.
  • Shopping and community malls can stay open to 9pm, but the management must make ensure that their employees return home before the curfew.
  • Barber’s shops and beauty salons can provide hair dyeing services, allowing two hours per customer, but the premises must have proper air circulation and both customers and staff must wear face masks.
  • Fitness clubs, both inside and outside malls, with at least two metres between each exercise machine and a two hour limit per customer. Saunas are not permitted.
  • School buildings can reopen, but no classes are permitted.  Schools which provide occupational and sports training can reopen, but no competitive matches are allowed and all players must wear face masks.
  • Trade exhibition and conference halls no larger than 20,000 square metres can reopen, but the number of visitors is capped at 5,000 and one-metre social distancing must be maintained. They can stay open until 9pm.
  • Centres for Buddha images and amulets can reopen, but crowd gathering activities, such as auctions, are still banned.
  • Nurseries and child care centres can reopen for preparation only.
  • Massage service venues, such as traditional Thai massage, spa and health massage, are allowed, with the exception of facial massage and any sauna services.  Maximum service time is two hours and all customers and service providers must ware face masks.
  • Boxing camps and gyms may reopen for training only, but no sparring.
  • Sports stadia can open for training only, no matches, and players must remain one metre from each other.
  • Bowling alleys, skating and rollerblade rinks can reopen, but no competitions.
  • Dance halls with five metre social distancing for each dancer.
  • Water sports, such as jet-ski and banana boats may resume.
  • Cinemas can reopen, but audiences must not exceed 200 per screen.  No concerts or close contact other activities.
  • Public zoos, but only in line with the set guidelines.