21 May 2024

The sculpture found in Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeastern province of Buri Ram recently is unlikely to be an ancient artifact, based on the information collected by a survey team, Pakpoom Yupon, chief of Phanom Rung Historical Park, said today.

The sculpture is the only object of its kind in the area, Pakpoom said. If the area were to be a historic site, there should be other items there.

A group of villagers, foraging for mushrooms, spotted the artefact and alerted the authorities. The Fine Arts Department then sent a team of archaeologists to inspect the sculpture, which is on the Krajiew mountain in Non Din Daeng district.

Pakpoom said the information collected from the site clearly shows that the form of the sculpture does not match that of other artefacts in the southern part of the northeastern region.

“It is likely that the sculpture is not an ancient artefact. Moreover, wildlife officials noted that, 23-30 years ago, a group of monks lived there and they reportedly had certain artistic skills,” Pakpoom said.

Furthermore, most parts of the sculpture are still intact and well defined, whereas ancient artifacts usually exhibit some erosion caused by wind, rain and sun.

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