23 May 2024

A 15-year-old schoolboy is awaiting surgery, to treat serious muscle inflammation at the back of his left knee, after he was allegedly forced, by his teacher, to stand and sit 200 times for missing class at a school in Lao Kwan district of Kanchanaburi province.

The boy’s mother has demanded 150,000 baht in compensation from the teacher and school, to help cover the medical costs and loss of income while tending to her son.

The woman said that she was told by her son on July 23rd that he had pain in his left knee, after the punishment. She said she applied ointment to the affected are and gave him antiseptic medication, but the pain did not subside after a week and she decided to take him to a doctor, who diagnosed serious muscle inflammation and infection, which require minor surgery.

She said that the school had conducted an investigation and had found her son was at fault by missing class and insisted that the punishment was not forced upon him, but agreed upon by both sides.

She also said she agreed to reduce the compensation demand to 150,000 baht, after negotiating with the school’s management. The teacher did not, however, have enough money and offered to give her 30,000 baht in initial compensation, but the boy’s mother declined.