Schedule for the Coronation Ceremony May 3-6:

May 3:

HM the King’s full formal name inscribed on a golden plate, Royal horoscope and Royal seal moved to the Paisarn Thaksin Throne Hall.

HM the King proceeds to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to pay respects to the Emerald Buddha and Royal relics of former kings and queens.

May 4:

HM the King attends the purification bathing ceremony with sacred water flowing from a canopied showerhead inside a pavilion specially erected next to the Chakrapat Biman Royal Residence in the Grand Palace.

His Majesty will later attend the Royal anointment rite, or the offering of Abhisek water, from the eight representatives of the eight cardinal directions of the compass.

Then HM the King will grant an audience to members of the Royal Family, privy councilors, cabinet members and senior government officials at Amarindra Vinijaya Throne Hall.

The official declaration of faith, demonstrating his willingness to become the Royal Patron of Buddhism by paying homage to the Royal relics of former kings and queens.

The Assumption of the Royal Residence Ceremony

May 5:

A Royal ceremony marking the inscription of HM the King’s full formal ceremonial name and the bestowing of titles to members of the Royal Family.

The Liap Phranakhon Royal procession on roads around Rattanakosin Island.

May 6:

HM the King will grant an audience on the balcony of the Sutthaisawan Prasad Throne Hall to receive good wishes from his subjects.

HM the King will later grant an audience to foreign diplomats at the Chakri Maha Prasad Throne Hall in the Grand Palace.


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