Russian embassy warns outsiders not to volunteer to fight in Ukraine

The Russian Embassy in Bangkok has warned outsiders, including Thais, not to volunteer to fight against Russian forces in Ukraine, saying that they will be regarded as mercenaries and will not be protected or treated as prisoners of war in accordance with the international human rights laws if they are captured.

Moreover, they would face legal action, said the embassy, quoting the Russian Defence Ministry in its Facebook page yesterday.

While the Ukrainian Embassy is appealing for foreign volunteers to fight for Ukraine, the Russian Embassy claims to have received many letters from foreigners living in Thailand and Thais expressing support for Russia, with some even saying they are prepared to fight alongside the Russian troops.

The embassy said, however, that according to the Russian law, non-Russians domiciled outside Russia are not allowed to join the Russian army, adding that the embassy appreciates their support and sympathy for Russia.

In the past week, a number of Thais, some with military backgrounds, showed up at the Ukrainian Embassy in Bangkok and asked for more information, in response to the embassy’s appeal for foreigners to join the war against Russia.


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