Royal Forest Department and ALRO cannot agree which should proceed against Ms. Pareena

The Royal Forest Department and the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO) are still at the loggerheads over which of them will take legal action against Palang Pracharat MP for Ratchaburi province, Ms. Pareena Kraikupt, over her illegal occupation of 109 hectares of Sor Por Kor land in Chom Boeng district of Ratchaburi province.

Mr. Thawatchai Ladkrood, inspector-general of the Royal Forest Department, said officials from his department and the ALRO spent half a day discussing the case and related legal technicalities, but could not agree who should take the lead in initiating legal action, adding that they are waiting for Ms. Pareena’s letter surrendering occupation of the land to the ALRO before the two parties resume talks.

Referring to Supreme Court precedents in similar Sor Por Kor land cases, Mr. Thawatchai said that such rulings cannot not be applied in Ms. Pareena’s case.

Mr. Chumpot Chobtham, director of the legal affairs of the Royal Forest Department, said a similar case in Fang district of Chiang Mai could, however, be applied in this case. In that case, it was the local police who took legal action against the alleged encroacher.

Regarding the 7.4 hectares of forest reserve land illegally occupied by the Palang Pracharat MP, he said the department had lodged a complaint with the natural resources and environment protection police. The police say they are awaiting instructions from the Royal Police Office whether they or the police in Chom Boeng district should formally charge Ms. Pareena.


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