6 June 2024

Heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday has caused waterways to overflow into low-lying areas in Mueang district of Chumphon, forcing several households along a canal in Ban Na and Khun Krathing sub-districts to move their valuables and domestic animals to higher ground.

Strong currents in the swollen Nakarat Canal have washed away a section of a laterite road, creating a 10-metre gap in Village 6 in Khun Krathing sub-district, cutting road access to the village.

The water in the Chumphon Canal has also overflowed its banks, inundating several houses in Ban Na, Bang Phai, and Khun Krathing sub-districts. Numerousl households have been forced to evacuate their animals and move their belongings to higher ground.

Tree branches, logs and garbage are stuck under a bridge across the canal in Khun Krathing Nam sub-district.

Irrigation officials said, however, that the flood gates in Bang Luek sub-district are still capable of coping with the currents from Lamu and Tha Sae canals and the condition is not yet serious yet as the rainfall has subsided.

Meanwhile, in the southern province of Krabi, a well-known tourist destination, red flags are being flown over several beaches in the Mueang district, to warn tourists not to swim in the sea due to high waves and strong winds.

More than 100 tourist boats, operating from the Ao Nang and Nopparat Thara beaches in Mueang district, have suspended operations for safety, as they take cover from the strong wind and high waves in a canal or the mangrove forest.

The water level in Krabi Yai Canal is steadily rising, due to runoffs from the Phnom Benja mountain range, as local authorities advise people living along the canal to brace for overflows and to be ready to move their valuables to higher ground.