11 July 2024

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) officers will seek warrants for the arrests of six people allegedly involved in the hijacking of three oil smuggling vessels moored at the Marine Police Division’s pier in Sattahip on June 11.

Pol Col Anek Taosuparb, deputy commander of the CSD, told the media today that two of the six suspects, including the key suspect, identified only as “Sahachai”, have fled Thailand.

He said that Sahachai, whose escape was by allegedly facilitated by a foreign politician, is believed to be taking refuge in a neighbouring country, adding that, once there is sufficient evidence, he will seek cooperation from his foreign counterpart to make the arrest.

Fifteen crew members from the three oil-smuggling vessels were involved in the theft of the vessels from Sattahip pier.

The boats were recaptured, minus the 330,000 litres of diesel fuel they were carrying, in Malaysian waters and brought to Marine Police Division’s pier in Songkhla province.

The commander of the Marine Police Division has been transferred to the Central Investigation Bureau’s operations centre, pending the outcome of an investigation.