11 July 2024

A 101-year-old former teacher at a school in Chiang Mai province served as interpreter for Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II when she visited the northern province in 1972.

According to a Facebook post by one of her relatives, the woman is Srithong Areewong, a former headmistress of the Dara Academy in Chiang Mai.

Srithong was found to be the only person in Chiang Mai at the time who could speak English fluently and was assigned the duty to serve as the interpreter for the late Queen.

Photo from Facebook: Klaris by Kara

Also shown in the Facebook post is an image of Srithong, in red a costume, when she accompanied the late Queen.

At the age of 101, Srithong is said to still be physically healthy.

A full interview with her by Thai PBS will be shown on Channel 3 of Thai PBS television on Monday during evening news program.