6 June 2024

An investigation has been ordered by the governor of Uthai Thani province to find those responsible for the burning of a harvested rice field and grassland in Muang district which went out of control, causing a power blackout in the province for about two hours last night.

More than 300 firemen and officials from the Provincial Electricity Authority rushed to the scene of the fire, which covered about 16 hectares of a harvested rice field and grassland along Highway 333 in Ban Chaksa village, Sakae Krang sub-district.

The fire spread close to a high-tension electricity pylon, triggering the automatic cutting of the electricity supply and causing the resulting blackout in the province.

By about 9.30pm last night, the fire was under control, but firemen and fire trucks remained on standby there to prevent the smoldering grassland from reigniting.

During the fire, which sent thick smoke over the highway causing poor visibility for motorists, emergency workers were deployed to help direct traffic.

It is reported that the owner of the rice field will be summoned for questioning today, as the governor vowed to take legal action over the impacts caused by the blackout.