21 May 2024

Hours after her bid to contest in the upcoming election as a prime minister candidate was blocked by HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn, Princess Ubolratana this morning posted a message to thank Thai people for their “love and kindness.”

“I would like to thank all my fellow Thais for their love and kindness shown in the past day. I also would like to thank you for your encouragement and support,” she said in her Instagram post early this morning.

Her post came hours after HM the King issued a royal command that described her prime minister candidacy under the banner of the pro-Thanksin Thai Raksa Chart Party as “inappropriate”

The princess, who came under heavy criticisms from many quarters of the society after her candidacy was announced yesterday morning, insisted in an earlier Instagram post yesterday that she is now an ordinary citizen with no special privileges.  However, in his royal command HM the King reminds her that she is still a member of the Royal Family and has been undertaking duties on its behalf.

HM the King also said that the Thai Monarchy has been traditionally and constitutionally above politics.

What happened yesterday was probably one of the most dramatic chapters in Thai political history. It also reflects the sharp political divide that has been haunting the country for almost a decade.

In an apparent defence of her candidacy, the princess said she was sincere in wanting to serve the country.

“I also want to sincerely say that I want to see Thailand move forward, being admired and accepted by the international community. I want to see every Thai enjoys his and her rights and opportunity and to have well-being and happiness,” she said in her latest post but didn’t say whether she would reconsider her nomination.

It’s understood that it’s now up to the Election Commission to decide whether to validate or nullify her candidacy, given the argument that the electoral law prohibits political parties from involving the Monarchy in the elections.

Meanwhile,  Thai Raksa Chart Party this morning cancelled its plans to launch election campaigns in Bangkok’s Chinatown today.  It gave no explanation for the cancellation and has yet to respond to the latest political development.

Sources in the party said its leader Preechaphol Pongpanit and party campaign chief Nattawut Saikuer would not go ahead with the planned the campaign visit.