6 June 2024

Outgoing PM Prayut Chan-o-cha bade farewell to Government House today (Thursday), after working there for nine years.

While being his final day working at Government House, Prayut will remain as caretaker prime minister, until the Srettha Thavisin cabinet is sworn in, said Rachada Dhnadirek, deputy government spokesperson today.

“Following political protocol, Prayut will no longer come to work at Government House, so that Srettha’s team can prepare the venue,” Rachada said.

After arriving this morning, Prayut paid his respects to the sacred shrines in the compound for the last time at 09.09am, which is believed to be an auspicious time.

Prayut told reporters that he prayed for peace in the country.

He arrived at Government House today in his personal Mercedes saloon, as he has already returned his official vehicle.

Asked how he was feeling on his last day, Prayut smiled but declined to answer as he walked away. Before entering the building, however, he turned to reporters and said “I wish today to be a good day. Today is a Buddhist observance day too.”

Prayut later had lunch with reporters covering the political beat at Government House.

In a good mood, he suggested that one should read only useful stories and information on social media platforms.

“On social media, we should not react or argue angrily. At present, we quarrel on the platforms with people we do not even know. Our society is now full of bullying,” he said.

When asked what had impressed him most during his time in politics, he said love, unity and understanding. All I have done is for the country, he added.

“What happened in the past that damaged the country should not happen again. If we do not learn from history, how can we live together?”

After that, Government House officials gave Prayut red roses and a band played one of his favourite songs, “The Impossible Dream” (Kwamfun An Soongsut), composed by King Rama IX.

He left Government House, for the last time as PM, at 2pm.