Poll shows most people do not believe politicians will deliver all their policies 

More than half of the people polled by Nida Poll do not believe that political parties will be able to deliver all their policies declared during the election campaign.

Nida Poll also shows that 78.16 percent of the respondents believe politicians and political parties will resort to vote buying in the upcoming election.

Nida Poll of the National Institute of Development Administration gauged the opinions of 1,250 people, aged 18 years upward of different levels of education and different occupations about the forthcoming election during January 23-24.

The poll shows 53.28 percent of the respondents do not quite believe that political parties can deliver all the policies they declared during the electioneering while 23.84 percent said they don’t trust politicians at all.  However, 20.48 percent of the respondents are confident that their parties can deliver as pledged and 2.40 percent said they fully trust their parties.

42.32 percent of the respondents admit that party policies have a lot of influence in their choice of the candidates whereas 28.08 percent say party policies do not have much influence on their decision-making.

Regarding vote buying, 78.16 percent of the respondents believe politicians will certainly resort to this illegal means to woo the voters whereas 18.88 percent believe there won’t be vote buying this time.

Regarding their enthusiasm toward the election after the absence of an election in five years, 72.64 percent of the respondents say they are eagerly looking forward to casting the ballots while 19.68 percent say they are not so enthusiastic with 7.68 percent saying that they are indifferent to the election.

Dusit Poll, meanwhile, shows that 34.04 percent of its respondents are bored with boasting by politicians and broken promises from political parties whereas 32.80 percent are sick with mud-slinging rhetoric during election campaigning.



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