23 May 2024
 A new poll suggests that although most people agree with the National Council for Peace and Order’s decision to ease political restrictions, they believe that the country should move gradually toward election.

As many as 84.9 per cent of the respondents who will be first-time voters and 86.6 per cent of experienced voters express support for the partial lifting of the ban on political activities.  But 76.2 per cent do not think that there should be a hurry to hold elections.

Only 23.8% of the 1,014 respondents to the poll conducted by Super Poll on Saturday and Sunday said the election should be held as soon as possible.  Super Poll is run by well-known pollster Dr. Noppadon Kannika.
Most of the poll respondents (69.3%), however, view current politics as nothing but a battle for powers and political interests, while only 30.7% believe the current political development would help reduce conflicts and economic difficulties.
Most of the poll respondents (67.4%) are concerned serious political conflicts would arise again during the election.