Police monkey control unit to deal with Lop Buri macaques

Twenty-three macaques have been captured by park officials in the first three days of an operation targeting aggressive monkeys for relocation to a shelter in Nakhon Nayok province.

Meanwhile, the Lop Buri’s Muang district police have set up a unit, armed with slingshots, to deal with aggressive primates and prevent them from harassing passers-by or snatching food from people.

On Tuesday, park officials said they managed to capture an alpha male, dubbed “The Beard”, in the Ratchadamnoen area, one of the feeding grounds of the monkeys.

The officials said that they had targeted another alpha, but it appeared to be aware of the danger and hid under the roof of a building.

Some captured monkeys shrieked, apparently calling for help, prompting many monkeys to rush to the cage, said an official, adding that they had to retreat for fear of being attacked by the troop.

He said that the alphas appear to be smart and do not take the bait laid to lure them out of their hiding places, even if they are hungry.

Pol Maj-Gen Apirak Wechkanchana, the provincial commander, said that the monkey control police unit is not allowed to use live or blank ammunition against the monkeys, only slingshots.

One patrolman admitted that it is not easy to deal with the monkeys, but said he will do his best to protect people from harassment by them.


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