21 May 2024

A store selling cannabis and the plant extracts in Bangkok was found to have broken the law, by allowing customers to smoke cannabis on the premises, during an inspection by officials from the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (DTCM) and Bang Sue police on Wednesday.

The police and the DTCM officials inspected outlets in Soi Ari, Soi Ratchakhru and Phahonyothin Road, which are known to contain popular evening hang-outs for office workers and upper middle-class customers, such as restaurants and registered outlets for weed.

The inspection was also intended to remind cannabis traders to comply with the law and to educate the public about the pros and cons of cannabis and related laws and edicts.

Officials said that the store which allowed its customers to smoke cannabis on the premises will have its license temporarily suspended.

According an edict from the Public Health Ministry, stores which were licensed to sell cannabis and extracts are not allowed to sell to customers under 20-year-old, pregnant women, breast-feeding women and students. Smoking of cannabis is not permitted in public, including the stores which sell the substances.

Cannabis cannot be sold via vending machines, in temples, at student hostels, in public parks, amusement parks or places of worship.

Processing of cannabis plants for commercial purposes requires permission from the DTCM, in the case of Bangkok, or from provincial health office if the applicants are in the provinces.