6 June 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (Monday) that the cabinet’s swearing-in issue was over because his recital of the oath had included the full text of the oath and was in line with the Constitution.

His remark was in response to the Opposition’s demand that he clarify the issue in parliament and admit that he did not recite the full oath, otherwise the Opposition would seek a vote of no confidence in his government.

Asked about the threat of a censure debate, the Prime Minister appeared unperturbed, saying that he has a lot of other things to worry about, adding that the most important aspect of the oath was the government’s commitment to work for the good of the people and the country as expressed by His Majesty the King in his address to his cabinet.

He pleaded with the Opposition not to blow the oath-taking issue out of proportion in a way which may cause disruption in the country.

“Several people (in the Opposition) are soldiers. We used to be brothers. Don’t let politics cause disturbance in to the country. Whether (the government is) good or bad, better wait until the next election” said the prime minister.

He said that the Constitution only lays down a broad framework, but the mechanisms that drive the ship of state are the organic laws and countless related regulations, which have to be enacted to enable the government to work on fulfilling its goals.

Referring to a remark about buttoning a shirt, that a mistake on the first button means all the buttons will be misplaced, the Prime Minister said that not every idea which was successfully proven abroad could be applied here without adaptions to suit domestic conditions.

Touching on agricultural problems, the Prime Minister noted that the key task is to cut production costs. Failing that, Thai products will not be competitive and farmers will not earn more, adding that the government cannot subsidize farm prices for ever.