6 June 2024

Pheu Thai party’s prime ministerial candidate Srettha Thavisin said that the lèse majesté issue must set aside if his prime ministerial candidacy is to receive sufficient support from senators and other MPs in parliament.

He said that the priorities today are the economy, the livelihoods of the people and for Thailand to have a new government. It is imperative that amendment of the lèse majesté law be shelved, he claimed.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai acting spokesperson Linthiporn Varinwatchararoj posted a video clip, of an interview given by Srettha on July 20th, in which he defends his stance on not amending the law.

She quoted the party’s prime ministerial candidate as saying that amendment of the lèse majesté law, which is a policy of the Move Forward party, is the main stumbling block to the formation of the new government.

Several senators and other MPs have, however, made clear that they not only want the law to remain intact but do not want the Move Forward party in the government at all.

Parliament is scheduled to sit this Friday to select the prime minister to be nominated by the Pheu Thai party.